Being in Radio provides a rewarding platform for my love for Communications and Technology !

As a Communicator; I have assumed various roles; amongst others; I am an MC/Program Director, a motivational speaker and a business woman. I have MC’ed Achievers awards, hosted conferences, gala dinners; workshops etc. I’ve provided motivational talks to schools and corporate.

My love for technology led me to an illustrious 18 years career in the ICT industry.

In 2015 I joined Ubuntu Radio as a talk show host for a Sunday afternoon lifestyle show called the “Sundae Sundowner”. Sundae Sundowner was designed to appeal to a Sunday afternoon listener who is interested in a light conversations about life while enjoying good music!
The content covered both in-studio interviews and telephone-based interviews of life coaches; motivational speakers; businessmen & women; church Pastors etc. It also featured unplugged in-studio jazz performances and gospel performances.

Conversations about the life inspire me! Together we learn; we grow and get inspired to live our lives to the fullest!

I grew up listening to Radio Bop in the nineties and being part of Radio Bop today is a dream come true!

Radio Bop shaped my style of presenting; Radio Bop shaped my taste of music; I look forward to taking you down memory lane and also creating new 21st century memories for you and your Loved ones!